The opioid crisis is a reflection of everything wrong with America.

Ending the opioid crisis requires that we stop fighting with one another and fix America.


The roots of the opioid crisis:

  • The broken US health care system

    • Injured laborers (and others) are often unable to get the treatment they require. Opioid abuse is often the result.

    • Inadequate availability of drug treatment centers, doctors who specialize in treating drug abuse, and drug abuse medications and other treatments.

  • Low Wages

    • The American Dream meant that every generation did slightly better than the preceding one.  This created a hopefulness in most Americans that prevented them from risking the use of dangerous street drugs.

      • The end of the American Dream: wages stopped increasing long ago for many Americans, leading to a loss of hopefulness.

        • Hopelessness leads to opioid use: opioids deaden physical pain, but also the emotional pain of hopelessness.

        • Opioid use becomes even more difficult to treat: after treatment, many opioid users return to their communities, where the same factors that started their drug use take hold once again.

    • Low Wages Lead to a Loss of Values: because of low wages, in a large percentage of American households, both parents are forced to work, meaning that children grow up without parents in the home.

      • Values begin in the home. Without parents in the home, there is often no one to teach values to growing children.

  • Companies that Value Profits Over People’s Lives:

    • Pharmaceutical companies: pharmaceutical companies developed powerful opioid medications but hid the fact that these medications were so addictive and flooded poor communities with these pills.

    • Health insurance companies: often don’t adequately cover addiction treatment.

  • Division in America:

    • Societal Division: Americans are at one another’s throats. This atmosphere contributes to a sense of hopelessness that encourages drug use.

    • Political Division: all our elected leaders do today is fight with one another. While they fight with one another, they do nothing about the opioid crisis.

Ending the Opioid Crisis: to end the opioid crisis, we need to fix all of the above.