No matter how we decide to organize health care reform,

the key to success is to drastically reduce what we currently spend

on health care in the US and to drain the swamp.


The current national debate is more about politics than fixing the health care system...


This is how we actually fix the US health care system:

  • Define the Problems: The US health care system suffers from 3 main problems.

        To fix the system, all three must be addressed.

  • Millions of Americans lack access to care.

  • Health care costs far too much.

  • American health care is often poor-quality care.

  • Define the Solution:

    • A working US health care system must have the following 6 attributes.

               I will support the system that has all of these:

  • Everybody in: Everyone has access to the care they need. This must include veterans.

  • Affordability: there must be an affordable, hard cap on annual out of pocket expenses for every patient and family.

  • Comprehensive: there must be a minimum comprehensive basket of health care goods and services covered for each person.

  • Choice: patients must be allowed to choose and keep their doctors.

  • Patients Decide: health care decisions are made by a patient and their doctor, not by administrators.

  • One Set of Simplified Administrative Rules: we must rid the system of the many layers of useless bureaucracy, and then come up with one simplified, standardized set of administrative rules that apply across the entire nation.

  • Dramatically Reducing Current Health Care Spending is the Key to Successful Health Care Reform for Everyone:

    • The US already spends far too much on health care (18 cents of every dollar in the US today goes towards health care).

      • Without dramatic changes to the current system, we cannot afford real health care reform. 

        • When we fix health care (for everyone), many millions of people who today can’t get the care they need will come into the system, increasing spending further.

    • matter how we organize health care reform, to make it affordable, we must drastically reduce current spending.

      • Reducing Current Health Care Expenditures: There are many ways to reduce current health care spending, including:

        • Reducing Administrative spending:

          • The US currently spends 30% of every health care dollar on paperwork (double that of most other nations).

          • We can dramatically reduce administrative spending by streamlining and eliminating overly burdensome government bureaucracy, simplifying and automating the terrible health care billing and payment system, and standardizing payment/billing rules across the health care system.

        • Reducing Medical spending: there are many ways to reduce current medical spending, including:

          • Reducing preventable chronic disease:

            • 75% of all US health care spending relates to preventable chronic diseases.

            • We must actively work to create a healthier American society by making physical activity and healthier eating an integral part of American home, school, and work culture. This is the best way to make health care reform affordable.

            • Healthy living must become our patriotic duty.

          • Lowering high prices:

            • The number one driver of increasing health care spending in the US is high prices.

            • We can control and reduce high prices by breaking up huge health care companies, encouraging more competition in the health care marketplace, having the US government negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies, and experimenting with concepts like health savings accounts and direct care.

  • Drain the Swamp: we must understand that the biggest problem is not how to fix the American health care system, it is how to get the Congress, the President, and the health care industry to act.

    • The health care industry donates a great deal of money to the campaigns of many of our elected leaders.

      • Our elected leaders do only what those who donate the most money allow them to do. It’s not much.


  • Fixing the VA Health Care System: fixing health care in the US must include fixing health care for all veterans.

    • Every veteran gets guaranteed affordable health care for life: every active military and honorably discharged veteran receives an insurance card that covers all health care anywhere they choose to go, inside or outside the VA system.

    • Change the mission of the VA Health System:

      • Get the VA out of general medical care by connecting veterans to solid medical care in the community (covered by their VA benefits).

      • Focus VA health care on the unique needs of veterans. The VA Health focus should be to provide world class care in: 

        • Orthopedic/wound/limb injuries

        • Traumatic brain injuries

        • The special mental health care needs of veterans, like PTSD

  • Stop Fighting with One Another: with everything that we know today, if we worked together, we could do anything, including fixing the health care system.

For more details, Dr. Hahn wrote a book on the topic: Distracted: How Regulations Are Destroying the Practice of Medicine and Preventing True Health Care Reform,