We can uphold the 2nd Amendment and work to reduce gun violence at the same time.


We all agree that reducing gun violence is a good thing.

  • We need to support the rights of legal, lawful gun owners.

  • We need to discuss and address the roots of anger and violence in America, including:

    • The loss of the American dream and the rise of hopelessness.

    • The rise of political division and extremism in American politics.

    • Lack of access to mental health care.

    • An erosion of traditional values in America like honesty, common decency, and love for one another.

    • Media bosses willing to bend the truth in whatever direction that suits them.

  • We need to be able to speak freely and study all possible solutions regarding gun violence.

    • Increase research funding and remove limits on policy recommendations regarding the causes and solutions of gun violence.

  • Background checks

    • Establish and adequately fund a universal background check system for all persons purchasing a firearm.