What I'll Do if Elected (see ISSUES pages for more details):

  1. Fix health care: so many things get better in the US with working, affordable health care. I have a plan to fix health care that is very different from any being discussed today. And my plan includes an approach to fixing the VA health care system. Fixing health care for veterans has to be part of any plan to fix health care in the US.

  2. Get Americans a raise: so many things in the US get better when working American make more money.

  3. Drain the swamp: get money and lobbyists out of politics and enact term limits for elected leaders.

  4. Work hard to End the Opioid Crisis.

  5. Focus on the values that made America great, like common decency, honesty, integrity, and respect for one another.

  6. Work to End the Division that is tearing us apart.

Why You Should Vote for Me:

The status quo is greed and corruption. The status quo is gridlock.


I don’t accept the division. I don’t accept the greed…the corruption…the gridlock.


I commit to working together for the good of the American people, to uphold the highest ethical standards, and to treat everyone with respect and compassion…EVERYONE.

And I will be there for my constituents in my community.

My philosophy as a physician has always been to be there for my patients, meaning that when our patients are in need, we are there for them, whatever that requires.

My approach with my constituents would be the same. You will see me in the community.

I will have town halls at least 4 times per year. I would appoint representatives from each county to keep me informed about what is going on.