So many things in the US get better when working Americans get a raise.


  1. The current state of the economy is a mixed bag:

    1. The Good:

      1. Near full employment

      2. Stock market near record highs

    2. The Bad:

      1. 80% of households live paycheck-to-paycheck.

      2. 50% of older Americans have no retirement savings.

      3. Low-wage jobs are replacing good paying jobs in certain populations:

        1. Rural areas:

          1. Many areas of West Virginia are in economic crisis.

        2. Less educated workers

        3. Lower skill jobs

    3. The Downstream Effects of Low Wages:

      1. Opioid crisis: chronically low wages have effectively ended the American Dream for many, creating the crisis of hopelessness that helped to create the opioid crisis.

        1. Decline in employable workers: many employers complain that they can no longer find reliable workers who can pass drug testing.

      2. A loss of values: one effect of lower wages is that both parents are forced to work,  leaving no time to parent or be involved in the community, leading to the decline of family values.


  2. Getting American Workers a Raise:

    1. Fix health care: the expensive US health care system is a huge tax on every American right now.

      1. Americans pay thousands more per year for health care than people in other nations.

        1. Affordable health care would give every American worker a huge raise.

    2. Middle class tax cut.

    3. Compassionate Capitalism: companies today give their profits to stockholders and CEOs (US business schools teach what is called, “shareholder capitalism,” where a corporations primary goal is to reward shareholders).

      1. Companies must value their employees and communities more.

      2. A larger share of profits should go to workers instead of stockholders and CEOs.

    4. National Service Corps: Low-paid workers today rely on public assistance programs that require them to remain in low-paid jobs (or they lose their benefits)!

      1. We should replace most public assistance programs with a national service corps, a jobs program that would provide good jobs with adequate pay and benefits, especially in rural areas or areas with struggling industries.

    5. West Virginia: we need to re-tool the entire economy.

      1. We need to try and attract high wage industries. To do that, we need to:

        1. Upgrade our technology infrastructure and fix our roads.

        2. We need to train students and workers for 21st century job skills.

        3. We must end the opioid crisis so that employers can find workers who can actually work.